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Ellyn Marsh

Joey Taranto

Joey loves any excuse to talk shit with Ellyn Marsh and now they’ve made a career out of it! Hopefully a blessing for most. Certainly a nightmare for some.

And after an incredible year of working on Obsessed with Disappeared, Joey is proud to continue his tour de gay alongside Ellyn’s clown parade with their new podcast “I Think Not!”

Joey is a proud native of New Orleans (did you know he’s also a minister’s kid??) and loves bringing his southern roots and NOLA growl to the world of True Crime. He, like Yellin’ Marsh, is a Broadway performer who made his debut in "Rock of Ages."


He was also in the original companies of both "Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark" (yep - you read that right) and "Kinky Boots” (with Yellin herself!). Joey has also been seen in Jesus Christ Superstar Live on NBC! And in 2022 he was feature in two critically acclaimed films: “Chrissy Judy” and “BROS.”

Now when it comes to the world of True Crime - Joey was a little bit of a novice, but has quickly found his footing. After all he is from the bayou and understands what it takes to hide a body. Not that he’s ever had to do that. Definitely not.

Shit. Maybe erase this?

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Ellyn had the pleasure (or pain depending on the day) of co-hosting the hit podcast “Obsessed with Disappeared” with two of her very best friends, first Patrick Hinds and then Joey Taranto. Between the three of them, they completed nine seasons of the ID TV show “disappeared”. Which is approximately… like a billion episodes. Now she and Joey have created the show “I Think Not!” which combines what they do best. Unclear of what that is but once we find out, we will for sure let you all know.
Ellyn and Joey met backstage, wreaking havoc at the smash Broadway hit “Kinky Boots.” She also appeared on Broadway in "Pretty Woman," "Priscilla Queen of the Desert," and some plays (who sees those?). Ellyn recently was seen in the Disney movie “Better Nate Than Ever” and can also be heard as a singing troll in “Frozen.”
She’s bringing all of her musical theater references to the world of her other passion, true crime! After reporting on missing persons cases for three years, she’s decided to shake it up a bit with a variety of cases from classic true crime tv shows.

She also directs, writes, and edits a Broadway comedy podcast called “Gettin Peggy Wit It” where they roast Broadway stars. She’s the writer and creator of the web series “Turning the Tables” and the newly launched “Gallery View,” as well as the founder of Broadway Trivia League and can be seen making content on any platform that will give her a platform. She is also cohost of the podcast “Rabia and Ellyn Solve the Case” with Rabia Chaudry. Ellyn also is a voice and acting teacher for Broadway kids. Her students have been featured in broadway shows such as Beetlejuice, Matilda, Annie, The Lion King, School of Rock and more!

Along with being an actor, writer, teacher, and podcaster, Ellyn is also mother to tween-age Lola, who finds her quite embarrassing.

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